Bethany Community Church – CJ Conger

Crosspoint Community – Kent Hinrichson

The Bridge UMC – Devin Carlson

Eureka Bible – Matt Kean

Free Agents – Matt Slagel

Liberty Bible A – Chad Fleck

Liberty Bible B – Chad Fleck

Linn Mennonite – Nevin K

United Softball Club – Jordan Ulrich

  1. I am hosting a coed softball tournament Nov 5th and 6th in havana, IL and was messaging some church teams to see if they were interested in entering.

    • Hi Mike. if you can provide me some details on the tournament, links etc… I will contact the coaches directly and let them know.

      • There is a flyer in the havana youth league Facebook page. If there was a way to send the flyer on here I would

      • Ok i found the post on your facebook page – Ill let the coaches know and give them your contact info. We are not a CO-ED league (while we do welcome men and women) we do not hold teams to CO-ED type rules.
        Thanks for reaching out!he

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