Home Run Derby



Mark Stalter from Crosspoint Community Church put on a tremendous show, placing long bombs one after another over the fence.
In Round 1 Mark’s power display put him in front of the pack with 12 home runs and only 3 outs.  At this point we asked him to stop
as 12 easily put him in the second round.  In the second round Mark’s 12 home runs from round 1 held up and he did not need to participate in round 2.
In the Championship round Mark continued his destruction of the softballs hitting 10 home runs and only using 5 out of the 10 allowed outs.
Greg Martin and Joe Anderson made valiant efforts to out muscle Mark, but in the end this was Mark’s night.
In total Mark ended up with 22 Home Runs and only used 8 Outs…. Very Impressive.
A Big Thank You to all of this years participants, the kids that helped chase all of the balls, Greg Dunbar and Jon VanHouwe for pitching, and
Eldo Householter.

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