Games For July 26 and July 27

Here is the scheduled for July 26 and 27, these games are for exhibition only and will not go towards season records.

July 26

North Field
6-7 Eureka Bible vs Liberty Bible
7-8 Eureka Bible vs Crossroads
8-9 Linn Mennonite vs Liberty Bible
9-10 Linne Mennonite vs Crossroads

South Field
6-7 United vs Free Agents
7-8 United vs Crosspoint
8-9 Free Agents vs Crosspoint

July 27

North Field
6-7 Crosspoint vs Eureka Bible
7-8 United vs Eureka Bible
8-9 Linn Mennonite vs Crosspoint
9-10 Linn Mennonite vs Free Agents

South Field
6-7 United vs Crossroads
7-8 Crossroads vs Liberty Bible
8-9 Free Agents vs Liberty Bible

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