Updated Tournament Schedule and News

As you are aware our available dates are running out for the remainder of the tournament.
I want to put this out as the final schedule, with a few rain out scenarios.
This will be how the tournament will play out, I truly hope we can play every game.
I know we are running a week longer than normal, but I really feel we need to make every effort to get all of the games in.  (hopefully this will be enough notification to re-arrange schedules should need be)
All of Monday’s games will be moved to Tuesday August 12th
Tuesday August 12th
6pm North 1-Living Faith vs 4-Rock Creek
6pm South 6-Crosspoint vs 2-Free Agents
7pm North 11-East Peoria vs 5-Eureka Nazarene
7pm South 10-Eureka Bible vs 9-Crossroads
8pm North 8-Linn Mennonite vs 7-New Castle
8pm South 12-St Lukes vs 3-Liberty Bible
9pm North Winner of 11vs5  VS Winner of 10vs9
9pm South Winner of 8vs7  VS  Winner 12vs3
Monday August 18th
6pm North – Game 17
6pm South – Game 18
7pm North – Game 19
7pm South – Game 20
8pm North Game 21
Tuesday August 19th
7:15pm North – Game 22 (Championship)
8:30pm North – Game 23 (Championship if necessary)
Scenario 1 – If Monday August 18th is rained out
Monday August 18th Games will be moved to Tuesday August 19th
Tuesday August 19th games will be moved to Thursday August 21st
Scenario 2 – If Tuesday August 19th is rained out
Tuesday August 19th Games will be moved to Thursday August 21st
Scenario 3 – If BOTH Monday August 18th and Tuesday August 19th are rained out
We go to a single elimination tournament, all teams that have lost are officially out of the tournament.
Game 19 would become the championship game, and would be hosted on Thursday August 21st.
Obviously i dont want scenario 3 – but we have to be done next week.  Lets hope we dodge the rain from here on out.
Thanks for all of the help in coordinating with your teams and being flexible
Lets pray for good weather.
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