2014 Tournament Seeds Posted

The 2014 Tournament will be starting Monday August 4th at 6pm.

The bracket has been updated to reflect the seeding, all teams will be playing at least 1 game on August 4th.

A few items to note:

Courtesy Runners: – Courtesy Runners can only be used AFTER the runner has made it to first base.  There will be no runners placed at home and running for the batter.   Also the courtesy runner MUST be the last out of the previous inning.  If that person is someone who needs a courtesy runner, then you are to use the second out of the previous inning. Remember its the previous inning not the current inning.  If you are in the first inning and a courtesy runner is needed, you can use the most recent out of the current inning, if there are no outs you must use the last batter in your lineup that is furthest from the current batter.
Designated Hitter – A player the fields one of the 10 positions must bat, however a batter does not have to play in the field as long as there are 10 fielders.
Players – A player can only play for 1 team and cannot fill in for another team during the tournament.
Concessions – Eureka Nazarene Church will be hosting the concession stand during the tournament.  This is funded by their church as a courtesy to the league.  Please give them your patronage and help support them.  The concessions are a nice touch for families and players.
Field Prep – The field prep will be done by Jerold Moxley of Liberty Bible, please thank him for his assistance with this.
Bracket Updated as of 7/30/2014  (click on it to enlarge)

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