Game Time Limit Rules


I wanted to send out a reminder of our league rules when it comes to time limits.

Please understand that the League wants to complete as many 7 inning games with a decided winner as possible, but we need to strive to do this within the 60 minutes allowed.

Time limits are very important and we need to take appropriate measures to make sure we stay on time as much as possible.
I have decided to more clearly define the time limit rules, in order to assist in making the right decisions when the time limit is approaching.

In Summary:
-No New innings after 55 minute mark
-If Tied before 50 minutes and after 7 innings, you can play a regular extra inning
-If Tied after 50 minutes, but before 55 minutes you can play 1 Tie-Breaker Rules Extra Inning
-If Tied after 55 minutes, game ends in a tie.

Hopefully this helps everyone.  If you have any questions please reach out.

Taken from the Official Eureka UCSL 2014 Rules, Section 11:

Game Time Limits:

    1. Games are 7 innings or 60 minutes in length.
    2. A time limit of 60 minutes from the official start times will be used.  All games have an official start time of either 6:00pm, 7:00pm, 8:00pm or 9:00pm no matter when game play actually begins.  This can be adjusted only if there are field condition/preparation issues (ex: bases in the wrong spots and need to be moved), or weather related issues.
    3. After 55 minutes NO new inning will begin.  Games will be considered over at the completion of the current inning.
    4. If at 10 minutes after scheduled start time, a team is not ready to start play an official forfeit will take effect.
    5. All teams will make it a goal to move quickly on and off the field to keep the games moving and on time.
    6. It is the responsibility of each Head Coach to watch and manage the game time, and communicate respectively with the opponents Head Coach when the time limit approaches, making sure everyone knows what to expect.
    7. In the case of a Tie:
      1. When a tie exists before 50 minutes AND 7 innings have been completed, play can be continued with normal rules for an 8th inning.  If a tie exists upon completion of the regular extra inning, AND before 55 minutes, 1 Tie-Breaker Rules Extra Inning will be played.  If a tie exists upon completion of the Tie-Breaker Rule Extra Inning, then the game ends with a tie.
      2. When a tie exists after the 50 minute mark AND before 55 minutes, 1 Tie-Breaker Rules Extra Inning will be played.  If a tie exists upon completion of the Tie-Breaker Rule Extra Inning, then the game ends with a tie.
      3. If a tie exists AFTER 55 minutes of play, no new extra innings will be played and the game ends with a tie.

Tournament Play

  1. No Tournament games will end in a tie.
  2. All Tournament Games except for the championship game(s) will use Tie-Breaker Rule Extra Innings.  If a tie exists after 55 minutes of play (regardless of inning).  Tie-Breaker Rule Extra Innings will be played until a winner is decided.
  3. Championship Game(s) will play regular extra inning rules until a winner is decided.

Definition: Tie-Breaker Extra Inning Rules

  1. Innings begin with each batting team placing a runner on second base.  This runner will be the last out of the previous inning.  If a courtesy runner was used for the batter of the last out in the previous inning, then the second out of the previous inning will be placed on second base.
  2. Innings start with 1 out already recorded.



Devin Carlson

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