Bridge Closed – Parking Instructions


The city is moving forward with replacing the bridge that leads to the mens softball diamonds at lower lake park.

The bridge closure is set for today – so if that happens:
There will not be any temporary bridge/walking bridge put in, so we have been left with 2 options by the city in order to use the fields.

I realize neither of these options are great, and will require some walking to and from the fields, but as of now it is all the city is allowing us to do.

The 2 options are listed below along with maps.

Option 1:
Drive around to the north side of the lake onto Lakeview Drive
Park at the end of Lakeview Drive
Walk down the Walking path (large hill) to the softball diamonds
(Parking is limited here)
MAP Option1

Option 2:

From 117 (Main Street) go West on Sunny Lane
At the very end of Sunny Lane (Dead End) you will see access to a narrow path.
You can drive down this path – at the bottom of the hill you can park in the large grassy area west of the path.  (they use this area for overflow parking for july 4 and reagan fest)
You will then need to walk from there to the softball fields over the pedestrian bridge.
MAP Option2

I will ask that the lights stay on a bit longer giving people time to get back to their cars after the last games, but please dont linger.
I appreciate everyone’s cooperation during this time.
If you have any concerns please feel free to reach out to me
Devin Carlson

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